Thursday, 7 July 2011

Bad News for Cori And Kacy, Romance For Rachel, And Shock For Claire!

The small-screen adaptation of the fictional characters was a big hit, clicking so well, that executive producer Ilene Chaiken thought of shifting the focus on women, who tread on in their lives with the lesbian overture, leading lives that are drastically distinct from folks.
Watch The Real L Word season 2 episode 6 online to catch up with Cori and Kacy, coming to terms with a harsh reality.

As they decide to harp on the family way, visiting doctors, their dreams are shattered with the revelation that Cori cannot conceive. Alas!

They would have to learn to grapple with the situation, and find out ways to emerge out of this crisis. Whitney and Alyssa would come forth and try their level best to help this distressed couple, by pitching in with some help on the insemination front.

I just hope that things work out soon for the duo, as they really make an affable couple!

A shock is in for some other lady as well, and this time around it would be Claire! She would be left flabbergasted, with her stuff lying in an abandoned state on Francine’s porch.

How would she react to it?

I guess she would be needing loads of patience to handle the messy affair.

Meanwhile, Romi would be gearing up for her first stint on the fashion job in Las Vegas, recommending Rachel’s name to her boss!

Love is very much in the air, as far as Saj and Chanel are concerned, with the lovey-dovey making it out in a romantic mood!

Titled Baby Batter Up, this batch is due to be aired on July 10, 2011, coming again with a slew of trials and tribulations for these women.

Friday, 24 June 2011

The Long Cherished Dream of Kacy and Cori Finally Bears Fruition!

Hey The Real L Word fans!

Lesbian parenting is the buzzword that has been reverberating since the inception of the current season. And quite interestingly, one of the couples is finally going to make it happen!

If you could remember, in the last installment of the eccentric (rather call it provocative) reality series, we got to see Kacy and Cori getting hold of something that they had been wishing for a long time. Yeah, I am talking about the sperm donor whom they accessed online!
Therefore, in the upcoming episode, both of them would seem over the moon over their success. So, shouldn’t we expect some kind of celebration from their side on the occasion of realization of their long cherished dream?

Certainly we do!

And, Cori and Kacy would announce a whacky party. Looks like loads of hotshot events lie in wait for us!

Die-hard fans have already sniffed that, and the fact that searches on the internet to watch The Real L Word season 2 episode 4 online has soared up instantly is a live testament to the incessant craze amongst the fans.

Before the mommy-hood party, Cori and Kacy would be seen having a rendezvous with Whitney and Sara, and all four of them would discuss the conflicting nature of their social status.

I think, you shouldn’t miss out on that part of the episodes because it might bring out the feelings of long repressed regret among the Los Angeles hotties.

Guys, there is a scope of more parties as Sajdah would be seen throwing a birthday bash for Chanel. But things would take a terrible turn. What will happen? Are we going to see two lesbian partners parting ways? What deep buried secrets will come to the surface? Find it out for yourself in the latest episode.